Baltimore Sun

Index to abstracts from the Baltimore Sun

Death of Governor Stockton of Delaware. Dr. Joseph Maull of Milton will be Acting Governor, March 5 1846

Succinct Description of Georgetown and its People, May 8 1847

Milton Citizens Moving to Kansas, April 28 1877

Milton Girl Dies from Operation in Baltimore, November 18 1882

Oyster Raid Successful at Tangier Sound, October 9 1890

Milton Death, June 1 1891

Queen Anne’s Railroad to Have Mail Service, July 17 1897

Sentences to Sussex County Criminal Cases, October 7 1897

National Bank For Lewes, September 14 1898

Are There Ghost Haunting This Milton Vicinity House?, November 17 1898

Drownings In The Broadkiln, October 28 1909

Oil For Orchard Stoves Arrives in Milton, April 14 1913, Sun

Big Profits From Milton Peaches, September 7 1914

Milton W.C.T.U. Elects Officers For Year, November 14 1919