San Bernardino – The New Delawarean

Index to abstracts published in various newspapers

John R. Leverage Visits Milton Home Due To Fathers Illness, July 9 1909, San Bernardino County Sun

A Story of A Peddler and a Farmers Daughter, August 21 1883, San Francisco Chronicle

Death of Acting governor of Delaware at Milton, May 7 1846, Southern Patriot

Death of Chester F. Hudson, Sussex County Native, January 13 2004, STATE NEWS

Death of Joesph Carey, February 5 1924, Sussex Countian

Milton,  Delaware Native Dies At Sea, May 11 1942, Sussex Countian

Holly Wreath Advertisment Christmas Decorations, December 10 1922, Syracuse Herald

Rose Stair,  Now of Milton,  Delaware Has New Daughter,  Victoria Raye Goodman, December 14 1944, The Bremen Enquirer

Letter to the Editor About Milton Delaware Circuit News, November 4 1865, The Christian Recorder

Delaware Gleanings by Rev. J. W. Norris, May 24 1888, The Christian Recorder

Delaware Bay Desperadoes, July 12 1874, The Daily Inter Ocean

Milton Death, May 2 1941, The Delaware Coast News

News Items and Marriages, January 4 1873, The Democrat & News

Captain John D. Connell of Milton Delaware Lost at Jersey Coast, January 13 1886, The Deseret News

Marriage of Arthur Betts and Camille Caprie at St Edmonds in Rehoboth, March 16 1949, The Express

Excited Over Oil Find on Broadkiln River, February 22 1910, The Gettysburg Times

Murder on the Broadkill, March 14 1897, The Herald Dispatch

Jefferson Family Visit Milton For Death of Robert Morris, January 10 1923, The Indiana Progress

Crowds Witness Rehoboth Swim Meet in Rehoboth Bay, September 7 1936, The Morning New

Death of Cornelius Franklin Joseph Midway Farmer, August 8 1935, The Morning News

Milton Social News, January 1941, The New Delawarean