June 1, 1906

I am home again! And upon my arrival found that two of my younger daughters had become so disconsolate at my absence that they had resolved on a visit for themselves, and the very day I left Frederica for Milton, they left Milton for Philadelphia.

The day we left Felton the engineer of a freight allowed his boiler to get out of water; the passenger train we were on took the engine to Harrington for water. This necessitated the delay, and when we arrived at Ellendale the M. D. & V. train had gone! But we got to Milton, and, doubtless the engineer on that freight is on a vacation.

William Warren has built an ice cream saloon, to his place of business on Union Street.

Postmaster John Black has made some repairs around his home.

William Mears has been making improvements on his barber shop.

John Morris and Miss Lillian Cade are improving their property, by a coat of paint.

Work on the new barge at Mount Ararat is progressing finely; but it is impeded somewhat by the tardiness in getting the right kind of lumber on the ground. The deck frame is being put in.

At the last session of the Sussex County Bible Society, held at Georgetown, on the 17th, [Mrs.] S. J. Wilson was elected president and Captain George E. Megee, vice president, for Broadkiln Hundred. Both of this town.

James Collins will remove his broom plant from Stevensonville to one of Curtis Reed’s buildings on Front Street.

The election for three commissioners for the public schools of Milton, to serve for three years will be held on Saturday, June 2.

William Vent was slightly hurt last week by having a jack screw fall on him.

The shirt and overall factory has been so steadily employed for the last several months, that the employers thought it advisable to “shut down” last week, and give the employees a week for rest and recuperation. Work was resumed on Monday.

Soft crabs, fresh from Rehoboth Bay are, almost, daily in our market, selling at 25 cents a dozen.

Sarah Elizabeth short, wife of ex U.S. Marshal of J. Cannon Short, died at her home near Cokesbury, on Wednesday, May 23, of heart trouble, age 79 years, two months and one day. Funeral services and interment took place at Cokesbury M. E. Church, on Friday, S. J. Wilson & Son funeral director. Besides a husband, deceased leaves to survive her three sons and four daughters; A. P. Short of Wilmington; Martin G. Short of Lewes, and N. S. Short of […]; Mrs. Joseph Macklin, of Wilmington, Mrs. William Conaway, of Bridgeville, Mrs. William Mcllvaine, of Stockley, of Millsboro.

On Sunday trains, horse racing, women’s clubs, child murder, and other things that needed attention.

On Monday evening the Misses Mayme and Laura Conner, Clara Pettyjohn, Emma Johnson, Clara Postles and Charles Vent, returned from a visit to Philadelphia.

Captain W. H. Megee and wife of Philadelphia, arrived in Milton on Monday, to be present on Decoration Day, at which time he delivered the oration.

An elaborate program was carried out on Decoration Day. Besides the decorating of the graves, of the dead heroes, patriotic speeches were made by several in the School Hall. Horse racing at the Milton Driving Park; J. Polk Davidson launched his new yacht; in the evening, Miss Fannie Leonard will hold a lawn fête, on the green near her home, on Chestnut Street.

Captain C. H. Stanley gave a stereopticon exhibition, on Monday and Tuesday evening, in School Hall, for the benefit of the M. P. Church. A fair attendance was present.

John Milby has removed from Milton to a farm belonging to Capt. G. E. Megee in Cave Neck.

Children’s day will be observed at the M. E. Church, on Sunday, June 19.

R. Davis Carey, of Philadelphia, is a Milton guest, this week.

Many women were in the M. E. Cemetery on Tuesday, cutting the grass and beautifying its appearance, for Decoration Day.