About Me

I have been a volunteer researcher for the Milton Historical Society since January 2014, starting with zero knowledge of the town’s history. Native to neither Milton nor the state of Delaware, I moved to the area after retiring from a long corporate career, as many of my cohort have done and are continuing to do. Golf and beaches are not what brought me to Milton, though. When I first visited the town in search of a new home, I sensed something about the place that was unlike what I experienced living in big cities and sprawling suburbs. I’ve come to realize that Milton’s historical narrative can still be read by strolling through its streets or along the Broadkill River; but it wasn’t until I walked into the Milton Historical Society’s home, the Lydia B. Cannon Museum, that I began to seriously explore what it meant to live in a small town in Sussex County a century or more ago.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must state that I have no credentials whatsoever as a historian, and this blog does not claim to be a scholarly research effort. It is more a collection of stories about some people who lived in Milton in the early years of the 20th century, and much of the source material from where these stories were derived. At the very least, I hope Blogger on the Broadkill will encourage you to set out on your own search for answers to the questions that are important to you, so you may tell your own stories.

Phil Martin

Milton, DE