Benj. B. Johnson

BenjJohnsonThe window at left was presented by Benjamin B. Johnson (1852 – 1921), a ship carpenter and trustee of the church, and his wife Lydia Jane Dean (1854 – 1923). The two were married on December 23, 1874. Benjamin was the younger brother of Sarah Catherine Johnson, the wife of N. Wallace White, who presented one of the windows in the Donovan Annex of the present-day building. Benjamin and Lydia had three children, two of whom survived into adulthood. She was a Sunday school for many years until the infirmities of age prevented further work of that kind, and she was active in the Christian Endeavor Society.

Unusually so for Milton residents of the time, Benjamin Johnson’s obituary appears on the front page of the Milford Chronicle, January 6, 1922 issue, as a distinct announcement, instead of being incorporated in the Milton News letter. He was referred to a “a respected citizen.”