From the very start of 1903, David A. Conner is experimenting with new ways to sign his weekly Milton News letter. At first, he uses the initials “E. N. D.” to keep in step with some of his colleagues who use clever word plays for their byline. The March articles are shorter and seem to be written by someone else; they lack Conner’s florid prose and philosophical musings. However, in April the writing resumes in his tell-tale style. He begins to use the byline “CRUSADER.”

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The bad condition of Milton’s streets and pavestone walkways is receiving a lot of attention, as well as the nuisance of stray dogs wandering all over town. The complaints of poor mail delivery schedules and bad connections with the D. V. M. R. R., both the fault of the Q. A. R. R. Co., continue.

In the October 30 edition, Conner allows himself an uncharacteristic display of emotion – latent grief over the loss of his wife two years previously, which he admits makes him weep unashamedly.