Milford Chronicle: Milton News Letter

The pages under this menu heading are annotated transcriptions of the Milton News column of the Milford Chronicle. They are ordered by publication date within month and year. From 1901 to September 1919, the correspondent writing the column was David A. Conner. After his death, the correspondent’s role was assumed by Walter W. Crouch, a former printer.

The annotations are important, because Conner makes numerous literary and what we would today call “pop culture” references that are obscure to most of us today. I have attempted to clarify as many of these allusions or direct quotations as I can which, thanks to search engines and the huge number of reference materials on line, is far easier that it would have been just ten years ago. All of the transcriptions are fully searchable.

Before reading any of the articles, I urge you to please take a moment to read the Advisory.

Years for which annotated transcriptions are posted are as follows:

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