John Magee’s Barber Shop

Barber shop - possibly John Megee?
John Magee’s Barber Shop

The November 18, 1904 edition of the Milford Chronicle Milton News letter speaks of  “cozy little barbershop for the use of John Magee” being almost ready for use. The photo in this post shows just such a “cozy” little barbershop, and the barber is indeed John Magee. There were several other barbers in Milton at the time, one of them being William Mears.

John Magee was the father of Sunday school student Viola Magee. For more information on Viola Magee, refer to the article on the Sunday school girls who presented one of the windows on the East Wall of the Milton M. P. Church.

The man in the barber’s chair is William H. Welch. Note the shaving mugs on the shelves; each customer had his own mug, kept in the barber shop.

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