Photos of N. W. White, daughter and son-in-law surface!

Since January of 2014 I have been searching for photographs of any of the people on the former Milton M. P. Church stained glass windows, with no success until now. After having made an inquiry to the owner of the Ward family’s site that included Nathaniel W. White’s family in its tree — nearly sixteen months ago — I received a response, and the result was the site owner sending me two photographs: one of Nathaniel Wallace White, and one of his daughter Carrie and her husband Winfield R. Wright. The photographs were provided by the son and daughter-in-law of Priscilla Ward, of whom I do not have more information at the moment but who we know is  the great-granddaughter of N. W. White and the granddaughter of Carrie Wright.

The photo of N. W. White also confirms his identity in the photograph of the Douglass & White Shirt and Overall Factory employees taken ca. 1895: he is at the far left in that photo, which can be viewed on the post The Beginnings of Milton’s Garment Industry.

The photos of the N. W. White and his son-in-law and daughter can be viewed on the N. Wallace White page.


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