The Black Lion Tamer – All The Way From Milton, Delaware

Le Dompteur Noir (The Black Lion Tamer)
Le Dompteur Noir (The Black Lion Tamer)

An African American, born in Milton, becomes an expatriate lion tamer – and the toast of Europe in the 19th Century. The story of Joseph Ledger (1841 – 1901) is extraordinary, even if some of it is hyperbole. Read the story of “Le Dompteur Noir” to learn how someone from Milton performed before “nearly all the crowned heads of Europe,” possibly driving horse drawn ambulances in two wars, surviving more than his share pf lion attacks, and otherwise making a name for himself.

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4 thoughts on “The Black Lion Tamer – All The Way From Milton, Delaware

  • Lyn Brown

    Thank you Phil for a wonderful reconstruction of the life of Joseph Ledger, my gggrandfather. You have created a fuller picture of his eventful life, some of which we knew, some of it unknown and we’re very grateful for your endeavours on our behalf. I hope your readers find it interesting and if anyone wishes to contact me about Joseph I’d be very pleased to hear from them.

    • Phil

      Lyn, I enjoyed this little project tremendously. I’m hoping some of my subscribers take the bait and try to fill in some of the gaps!

  • Mia Uys

    This was extremely insightful for my own research on black lion tamers (or the lack thereof) in South Africa. Phil, please could you provide me with an email address to contact you on regarding this piece?

    • Phil Martin

      You are by far the most distant individual I have ever been contacted by in connection to Milton matters! I have sent you my email address under separate cover.

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