Why was Dr. Bob so suddenly smitten?

In a post some weeks ago, I recounted the story of Dr. Robert Hopkins and his whirlwind courtship of the young Marie Katrine Nielsen. Without any decent photograph of her available, I was hoping that one day a descendant of this couple would come forward and provide one. “Ask and ye shall receive!” is the way David A. Conner would have put it – “Dr. Bob’s” grandson Robert Mark Hopkins ran across that story on this blog, and contacted me. Not one to miss an opportunity, I asked for any photographs of his grandmother Marie. What I got back, after some cleanup and restoration, was stunning. Marie Katrine is on the right, and her sister Mary on the left. The photo is undated, but it would appear to have been taken when she and her sister were teenagers, therefore before her emigration and marriage. It is not hard to imagine how any man would have fallen for this beautiful young woman, and the newspapers of the day were not exaggerating. See for yourself below.

Marie Kristine Nielsen is at the right, sister Mary is on the left (courtesy Robert Mark Hopkins).
Marie Kristine Nielsen, the future wife of Dr. Robert Hopkins, is at right; sister Mary is on the left (courtesy Robert Mark Hopkins).

2 thoughts on “Why was Dr. Bob so suddenly smitten?

  • Lee Revis-Plank

    Imagine this photo colorized … Beautiful in black and white, but stunning with big blue eyes and blonde hair. Our Dr. Bob was no fool! Thanks to the family for sharing this treasure.

    • Phil Martin

      Yes, I can imagine it too! Still, there’s a lot to be said for filling in the blank spaces with one’s imagination – these old sepia and b&w photographs have had that effect on me more than once during the journey through the MHS archives, and from what I’ve been lucky enough to receive from families. That’s what makes this work fun!

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