A new search engine

A slightly altered appearance on the blog; notice the Search command at the top of the sidebar on the right, and the GOOGLE SEARCH command at the end of the menu bar.

This is a purely informational post for those of my readers who use the blog itself on the Internet, rather than the Facebook portal. You may notice a couple of changes today. The rather large search bar that was located below the page banner is gone; it has been replaced by a new search mechanism powered by Google, but which only looks at the blog content (and some of Google’s sponsored sites, alas!). It’s a good trade-off, I believe. The Google search on the blog is more accurate than the one I used before, returns more useful results, and formats the results list in a way that looks and functions like the Google results page we are all familiar with.

Results list for a search for William G. Fearing

There is a Google Search command on the menu bar (last item on the right), and another one at the top of the sidebar. I would like to hear from frequent users of the search facility as to its advantages or disadvantages relative to the previous method.



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