Satellite View: Milton’s Hidden Bridges (addendum)

Location of the two trestle bridges on the abandoned right-of-way (not visible at this resolution). Pemberton Branch bridge is circled at upper left, and Ingram Branch at lower right. Sand Hill Road runs across the bottom of the frame and intersects Federal Street (Rt. 5) at lower right corner.

In my last post I  mentioned the fact that the two trestles on the abandoned track running from Route 30 to Federal Street in Milton are visible in satellite images. I used Google Maps to create these images as proof. The photo above shows the relative distance between the two bridges, while the other two give a close-up view of the structures.


Satellite view of Ingram Branch trestle. Federal Street and Britiingham’s farm stand are visible in the lower right corner.
Satellite view of Pemberton Branch bridge. A small part of the Pemberton Community is visible at the top of the frame.


There is one interruption of the right of way, at Lavinia Road. The tracks on either side of that road are difficult to spot, and you need to be on foot to find them. The two photographs below show the endpoints of the two sections of track on either side of Lavinia.


End of track just east of Lavinia Road; the right of way on that side of the road runs parallel to the border of the Wagamons West development


Where the track ends, west side of of Lavinia Road; one rail and a tie are barely visible through the undergrowth


The satellite image below shows the location on Lavinia Road where the tracks were removed. The location is no longer as free of vegetation as the image suggests; it is considerably overgrown.

This satellite image shows the location where the right-of-way is interrupted. The image is outdated; the circled area has considerable vegetation covering the tracks.

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