Another Window Gets A Face

Finding photographs of the People Of The Windows is proving to be a task that will take years to complete, if ever. That is why, whenever a new photo surfaces, I can be heard whooping with joy clear down to Broadkill Beach.

A couple of days ago, David Partridge provided me with a photographic portrait of John Hammond Burton Mustard (1835 – 1898). John H. B. Mustard was a trustee of the Milton Methodist Protestant Church; in 1906, his widow, Martha Hickman, dedicated a stained glass window to his memory, and that window can still be seen today in the Lydia B. Cannon Museum. For more on John H. B. Mustard, Milton’s preeminent white collar worker, see the article at this link.

John Hammond Burton Mustard (1835 – 1898), ca. 1870. (courtesy David Partridge)
Martha Hickman Mustard (1840 – 1925), ca. 1866. The boy is probably John B. Mustard, the eldest son, born in 1858 (courtesy David Partridge).
(Left) Stained glass window dedicated to John H. B. Mustard by his wife Martha Hickman Mustard (photo by Phil Martin).

6 thoughts on “Another Window Gets A Face

  • Susan Blouse

    Hip Hip Hooray, Phil! So wonderful that you are finding these!

    • Phil Martin

      Thanks for the cheerleading, Susan! I hope we’ll find more of these in the months to come.

  • Ellen Lytton

    Phil –
    Always enjoy your Blogger on the Broadkill posts. Thanks too for all of the research especially tracking down the old photos.

    • Phil Martin

      Thank you Ellen. Hope you and Rand are safe and well.
      There was a period of years when I was mining the MHS collection for old photographs; but in the last couple of years much of the new material has come my way through people who run across a post of mine, or whom I run across on

  • Marcella Darby Hudson

    I enjoyed the article very much. It was so nice to see the window of Mary Atkins, my grandfathers Aunt. I looked up the museum. My mother (Connie Darby 1936- ) remembers going to that church. My grandfather was not much on attending church. She remembers when he went one Sunday and got called out in front of the whole congregation. Needless to say the family never went back there. Virginia and the girls attended another church after that.

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