March 1, 1901

The last sad rites are ended; and all that is mortal of John B. Dorman lies buried in the M. E. Cemetery of this town. On Wednesday at 2.30 p. m., facing the north winds that chilled the very vitals of the company, the funeral cortege wended its way into Milton and stopped before the M. E. Church. The casket, containing the remains, was taken from the hearse by the pall-bearers: Mr. J. Frank Wilds, of Dover; Mr. Fred Causey, of Milford; Mr. Charles Houston, of Millsboro; Mr. Will Rawlins, Mr. Joseph Hearn, Dr. Thomas Robinson of Georgetown: —— and conveyed into the auditorium, followed by the re1atives and friends of the deceased. The funeral services were in charge of the Rev. J. H. S. Ewell, M. P. minister of Georgetown. Rev. Adam Stengle, M. E. minster of Georgetown, delivered the sermon, predicating his remarks on that inquiry-of Job, which is the inquiry of every sensible man: “If a man die, shall he live again?” The minister addressed his remarks to the living, and all were interested. In his elucidation, he went as far, probably, as a finite mind can go; but he did not go as far as mankind desires. He could not. “The veil cannot be lifted.” Mr. Stengle’s remarks were supplemented by orations from the Rev. W. J. DuHadway, and the minister in charge of the obsequies.

At School House Hall, on Wednesday evening, the M. E. Church will deliver the cantata: “Martha Washington, Pocahontas, and Annie Boone.”

Mr. James C. Robbins and wife, of Camden, N. J., returned to their Camden home on Monday. Mrs. Robinson is one of the near relatives of the late John B. Dorman.

Mrs. Lydia. A. Marsh died at the home of her Husband Mr. John Marsh in Angola, Tuesday morning, age 83 years 5 months and 13 days. Funeral at Conoly’s Chapel Friday at 2 o‘clock February 28th, 1901 interment in cemetery adjoining church, she had been a member of Conoly for a number of years. Rev. Mr. Outten of Nassau officiating. She leaves to mourn her loss a husband and one sister, Mrs. Lemuel F. Burton and a host of friends. Samuel J. Wilson, funeral director.