October 14, 1904

A visit to the dock the other day caused a moment of retrospection and as the spirit was on the […] Captain Davidson as a boy on the streets of Milton, the pilot a resident of Broadkiln, and others taking an active turn in life of the place who cannot look back with the proper glory of Milton by reason of […], Hearns, Careys and Wilsons, by reason of having been born elsewhere. I came from farther south, but I must hold some affinity for Milton. Her waters are beautiful, the suburban scenery is admirable and one who wishes enjoyment need go no farther. WE do not assert that Milton is free from all the evils that afflict small towns, but we are amenable to some of the […], because we are up-to-date and have some of the incidents and cares that come with a […]. We admire the house of our adoption and had rather have her good points emphasized, so we sing only her praise, pretty Milton.

The Masonic Lodge has made an attempt to prevent annoying trespassing on its property by stretching a strand of wire around its grounds.

Wm. Conwell, who has been occupying a deserted cottage on the Lavinia’s Camp grounds since last summer, has been compelled to vacate. Much to his disgust, but the owner, R. Davis Carey, gave the orders, and he goes.

A new dwelling 30×10 feet will be built on the farm recently acquired by William […]. of Milford, from the […] estate. The contractors are Sharp, Davidson & Johnson, of Milton.

Mrs. Jacob Miller has been making an extended visit to friends here. On Monday she returned to Philadelphia, where she will enter an “Old Ladies Home.”

Eighteen probationers were admitted into full membership with the M. E. Church last Sunday, and about forty took part in the Lord’s Supper. […] is expected to address the M. E. Sunday School next Sunday afternoon, and no doubt but those who hear him will be greatly pleased.

A fracas between the Negroes and white folks that was quelled by the town bailiff on Monday, several of the ring leaders were arrested and fined. Our Milton Negroes have a good character generally, but these offenders were from the country districts.

Mrs. Lida White, a colored woman of South Milton, died on Saturday last and was interred on Monday in the A. M. E. Churchyard by J. B. Atkins.

Wm. Richards’ building at corner of Mulberry and Lavinia Streets is nearly completed, as [….] the Reed’s new house and that of Thomas Hood, on Wilson Street.