December 15, 1905

Last week the beauties of autumn were succeeded by the grandeur of winter, and the lakes and ponds were frozen over, while the ice upon the stubble and banks of the river glistened like diamonds on the bosom of beauty.

A collection was taken last Sunday at the services of the union Methodist meeting, for the M. P. Minister, Rev. G. J. Hooker, and $64.22 was raised for his salary. This financial expression of goodwill between the two Methodist churches did the community good.

The schooner Lydia and Mary, of Milton, owned by Captain James B. Scull, was in collision on the Delaware River, near Lincoln Park, with a four-master in tow of a tug.. She lost her main mast, bowsprit and flying boom, and the mainsail. She put back to Cooper’s Point for repairs. The tug and vessel refused to give their names, and in the dark they could not be ascertained.

Anna Elizabeth Hammonds died on Friday of stomach trouble. She was aged 56 years, four months and 14 days. Funeral at Oakley, Delaware, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Carey, of near Milton, celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary last Friday.

Last week the town council passed a “snow ordinance” and it is well enough to anticipate events.

David Wiltbank is repairing his residence at the end of Milton lane. His manner of weather boarding is somewhat different from the usual way. On top of the boards already on, he has nailed shingling lath perpendicularly over the studding, and on these he has put another weather boarding of cedar. This ensures a warm house.

Mrs. Peter Stephenson, of Stevensonville, was preparing her thanksgiving dinner, a surprise party made its appearance, which was composed of her relatives and immediate friends. They came to pay their respects as Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson had been married 53 years, and are enjoying good health and the best of this life.

Robert Steelman has removed his family to Lewes.

Mrs. John C. Wilson and granddaughter are the guests of Mrs. Lewis.

Detective Hopkins came to Milton last Monday and his business is yet a surmise for the people of Milton.

The M. E. Sunday school will treat for scholars and hold an entertainment on Christmas week; the date has not been fixed yet.

The M. P. Church will hold its treat for scholars on Christmas evening. The entertainment will consist of dialogues, recitations, etc. and will be held in school house hall.

Our merchants have made the little preparation for Christmas.

The Union Extra meetings are still in progress and will continue the present week.