June 16, 1905

The often quoted irrelevant remark attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, is not borne out of history nor experience: that “God is on the side of the strongest battalions,” savors more of the fond ravings of a happy lunatic, than of a man who put the eastern continent at his command. We will not go back to the days when the “man of destiny” waved the tri-colored flag over the most ancient capitals of Europe, nor when he dictated peace on a raft to the Czar of Russia; but simply look at the twentieth century era, when the little “Japs” put to flight the Russian naval squadron.[i] It was said Togo was shunning a fight. That his forces were inferior to the enemy. Admitted. It must be acknowledged, Admiral Togo knew something. While the Straits of Korea might not have been a chosen position for the Jap fleet, it must be acknowledged that Togo became master the situation, and the whole of it. The Mikado has acknowledged the valor, bravery, and excellent management of Admiral Togo, and does it become the duty of anyone in America to doubt, or even question, what the Mikado has said? Should the assertion quoted above prove to have never been uttered by Napoleon Bonaparte, the world will be no worse, probably better. Napoleon did his work, Christianity will do hers. This is as certain as the heavens. Believest thou this?

Captain S. R. Bennett has been appointed to tax collector of Milton.

Mr. J. C. Hazzard has returned to town after spending the past winter and spring with his daughter, and other friends in Wilmington and Philadelphia. Mr. Hazzard is one of the popular men of Milton’s populace, and although on the shady side of 60, bids fair to grace Milton for many years yet.

Prof. William Welch has torn down his boarding tent on Lavinia’s camp ground, and will, he says, put it up again on Broadkiln beach. It is rumored there is a matrimonial significance in the removal. Deponent sayeth not. Professor Welch is a man whom the writer much admires; yet he is somehow like the Irishman’s flea, “when you get to put your finger on him, he’s not there.”

The “blackberry storm” of last Wednesday was disastrous to young chickens in and around town.

A social ride to the country last week developed the fact that wheat is looking well, and there is plenty of it. Perhaps the acreage is larger in our vicinity than ever before. Harvesting is expected in ten days, or sooner.

Rev. R. T. Coursey left on Monday to attend the judicial conference held in New York, commencing on Tuesday. Mr. Coursey it is one of the attorneys who will defend the former Presiding Elders Baker and Corcoran, in an appeal case before this tribunal.

Albert Davidson is building another cottage on Broadkiln Beach, in place of the one recently destroyed by lightning.

Dr. William Hearn, of Philadelphia, is on Broadkiln Beach.

  1. W. Atkins has an Angora goat. George is much attached to the animal.

Captain Wallace Smith is home with his family.

Town Council has extended the sidewalk from S. J. Wilson’s store to the dock, and opened an alley connecting Federal Street and Chestnut Street[ii]. Something by no means needed. It is thought about time to break more plows near the depot.


[i] This refers to the naval battle in the Tsushima Straits of May 27 – 28, in which the Japanese fleet virtually annihilated the Russian fleet and effectively forced an end to the Russo-Japanese War.

[ii] This is the present-day Strawberry Alley.