August 24, 1906

It must, naturally, be supposed the holidays are nearly over. Since the breaking of Lavinia Camp the visitors have been leaving gradually. On Friday morning the most of the camp meeting folks laughed, of phi end of the M. D. & D. R. R. to Lewes, and thence it can by boat.

Misses Hettie, Maymie and Laura Conner; Mrs. Susie B. Davidson, Mrs. Emma Johnson, and Master L. H. Johnson, are occupying the Edwin P. Johnson cottage on Broadkiln Beach.

John Taylor, of Cave Neck, has sold his farm of 35½ acres to Edward Walker, consideration said to be, $1200.

George Fowler and sister, Mrs. Mary Salmons and children, of Philadelphia, are guests of J. B. Welch and family.

Joseph M. Lank’s house on Walnut Street is completed and he has removed therein.

On Saturday a special school election was held in Milton United School District, to cover the former one, said, by the Auditor, to have been illegal. The meeting was organized by the President of the School Board Culver, and D. A. Conner was elected secretary. Mr. Conner presented the following, Resolved: the meeting of the citizens, of the school districts, said to have been illegal, be legalized by this meeting and its proceedings ratified in toto. This was objected to; and an election was ordered by ballot. But six people would vote, and the same officers were re-elected or elected.

The Rev. R. T. .Coursey left on Monday, to assist in Holiness Camp meeting work, in Kansas, and will be gone until the fall. On next Sunday the Rev. G. J. Hooker, M. P. Minister of Kennedyville, Md., and a special favorite of Mr. Coursey, and well loved by the people of Milton, without distinction to create, will preach in the M. E. Church, both morning and evening, and at Zion in the afternoon. On the following Sunday the Rev. Stimmell, of Wilmington, will perform the like offices.

On Monday next the Shirt Factory will resume operation.

There is said to be much wheat yet in the fields which cannot be threshed, because a machine cannot be got to it. Much of it has been stacked, and is thought, is keeping well.

John Megee commenced on Monday taking up the seats on Lavinia camp ground, and storing them away as usual.

It is whispered around that Coard Clendaniel made $150 clear on the confectionery stand at Lavinia camp.

The registration thus far consist from Milton, two days 96; last Saturday at Harbeson 36; making the amount in the first election district, of the 10th representative district 132. Unless registration proceeds faster, the six hundred and sixty-odd voters of Broadkiln will come up slim.

The colored camp meeting opened on Sunday, under the charge of the Rev. M. P. .Jackson. As in every other thing he undertakes the Rev. Jackson knows his business. The camp ground is in Lavinia woods, just to the northeast of the white people’s ground, the location is prettier than that of the whites’. It is reported a regular hallelujah time was had on Sunday, the people of Milton being much edified by the singing at their homes in town.

Rev. McCready, M. P. Minister, is confined to his room with intestinal troubles. In consequence there was no preaching at his church last Sunday. Brother McCready is now much improved.

Dr. James A. Hopkins has had the front of his mansion on Federal Street repainted.

B. P. Morgan, bookkeeper at the Palmer House, has returned from his Philadelphia vacation.

Tomatoes are bringing 14 cents at the factories; and Conwell & Co. are keeping the market up; as they are buying for shipment.

A colored camp meeting will be held one mile north of Milton, on the road leading to Waples; commencing September 16 and continuing until the 23rd. The meeting will be under the charge of Joseph Heavalow; not the one who absconded with another man’s wife a few weeks ago.

Rev. W. W. Wells Wilson, of New Haven, Conn., and wife are Milton visitors.