May 18, 1906

The Rt. Rev. Leighton Coleman, Bishop of Delaware, will administer the Apostolic Rite of Confirmation, at the Church of St. John Baptist, on the evening of the Ascension Day, May 24th, at 8 o’clock; at the St. George’s Chapel, on the following evening. Rector Behringer has several candidates in course of preparation. Everybody are cordially invited to attend these services.


The above notice was submitted to the editor of the Milford Chronicle directly; David A. Conner decided to take a two week hiatus in Frederica, and wrote a piece from there, under his own heading and by-line. It is unfortunate that he chose this week to take a vacation, because there is no report of the May 13 re-dedication ceremony of the Milton M. P. Church in the Milford Chronicle or any other local paper that can be found.