September 6, 1907

David Wiltbank, who had […] on B. Frank Gray the […] property on Federal Street, has turned the […] and […] end to the […] and […] distance from the street to give [….] for porches on Federal Street and Hazzard Street. Mr. Wiltbank will raise a […] on the bridging, and [….] a bay window […] on Hazzard Avenue., also a porch in return on the front on Federal Street.

Town Council has dug away the bank and made a splendid sidewalk on the right side of Front Street between Chestnut and Walnut, and a proper gutter renders the work complete. Much clayey material has been hauled on certain portions of the streets during the past week, notably, in the rear of S. J. Wilson & Son’s undertaking establishment and between that and the plant of the Royal Packing Company. This is a good job and was much needed.

On account of not receiving their tin cans, the Royal Packing Company were handicapped last week to some extent. They, however, put up some of the superior fruit in glass jars. All of the […] are now running on short time.

Since the resignation of Constable Barsuglia, Milton has only one police, and owing to the element that now obtains in town, more are needed.

William C. Hastings has two daughters with typhoid fever—one in her fourteenth year, the other in her eighth.

Monday—Labor Day—was observed by the banks. These establishments were closed, but no others.

A farmer or a dealer in trucks can sell almost any kind of produce in Milton. The merchants turn none away who have anything to offer.

Even apples the size of a hulled walnut are bought, and the merchants keep them until they begin to rot, then they throw them away. They can afford to do it.

The […] S. L. Wilson & Company, formerly doing business in the hardware line on the corner of Federal and Wharton Streets, has changed hands. Messrs. Irwin Katy, of Milton, and Mr. Waples, of Darby, Pa., will conduct the future business of the concern.

James Ponder, Attorney-at-law of Wilmington, has sold his farm near town to Samuel Burris. Consideration private.

The cracked chimney of the National Bank has been repaired this week, and not before it needed it.

Captain Potter’s barge left Milton on Saturday night. The Captain was so mad that no one could find out his destination. Presumably Wilmington, or Philadelphia.

David Meyrer and Charles Herget, two Baltimore employees at the Goodwin Packing Company, caught a 3½ pound bass and a 5½ pound pike on Sunday. The Rev. R. T. Coursey will be after them ere long.

Rev. Ralph T. Coursey left Monday for Ohio, where he will assist in a camp meeting. Mrs. Coursey and daughter are visiting her parents at Centreville, Md.

Ten shares of the Sussex Title and Land Co., belonging to the estate of the late John C. Holland, deceased, sold at public sale at Lewes on Monday for $237.50.