March 10, 1911

[Please note that two-thirds of this edition of the Milton News letter was rendered illegible by a fold or tear in the original newsprint.]

…..Carey’s plurality over Davidson is [..] and Palmer’s plurality over Betts is 98. The ticket that has been elected was elected on well understood and well defined principles, chief amongst which is a low tax assessment. And now we shall see what we shall see. The newly elected officers met with the holding-over ones on Saturday evening, and perfected an organization. The newly elected mayor took the oath of office, as did also the newly elected commissioners. Frank B. Carey was made secretary of the board, and George Hunter treasurer. A Board of Health was elected, consisting of Prof. W. G. Fearing, president; Dr. W. H. Douglass and John Lewis. James Palmer was made fire chief. The next meeting of the Council will be held on the [..] inst, at which time a supervisor of streets, bailiff and tax collector will be elected.

Rev. Frank Holland is suffering with inflammatory rheumatism, and owing to this affliction was unable to fill his pulpit on Sunday, and his wife Mrs. Holland officiated in his stead. Mrs. Holland gave a splendid talk of nearly half an hour and then resolved the services into an experience meeting. The Christian Endeavor held services in the evening.

On last Sunday $172.77 was raised at the M. E. church. There is now wanted $120.00 to liquidate all expenses now pending against the church, including preacher’s salary, and all church benevolences. This amount will be raised by next Saturday. We say “will” just because it will.

A members meeting was held at the M. P. Church on Monday evening at which time the Rev. Frank Holland was asked to return to his charge for another year, subject to the decision of the coming conference, which meets at Federalsburg, Md. On the 6th prox. Joseph Morris was elected delegate to represent this church at said conference and Dorman Porter was chosen alternate.

Services were held at the church of St. John Baptist on Sunday morning at 8 o’clock by the Rev. Gaetson of Georgetown.

Dr. James A. Hopkins is confined to his home by illness.

Miss Eliza F. Steele died at the home of Harry Holson at Georgetown of paralysis on Wednesday March 1st, aged 62 years, 2 months and 26 days. Funeral services were held at Georgetown M. E. Church on Sunday afternoon by the Rev. Poole, and interment made in Steele Cemetery by S. J. Wilson & Son.

Louis A. Taylor died at the home of his uncle John Bailey on East Avenue, this town, on Saturday, of tuberculosis, aged 19 years, 6 months and 28 days. Funeral on Monday afternoon at M. P. Church by the Rev. Lusk, and sepulture made in Off Fellow’s Cemetery by S. J. Wilson & Son.