Sexism and Racism in the Early 20th Century Press

I feel compelled to call readers’ attention to the advisory I have permanently posted under the Milton News heading. Small town as well as big city newspapers of the early 20th century were sensationalist and reflected the views of their white male editorial staff, journalists, and readers. This is as true of the Milford Chronicle as it is of the Philadelphia Inquirer of the day. Some readers will find the casually sexist and not so casually racist writings in the Milton News columns I have posted to be difficult to read, perhaps offensive. But as I’ve said elsewhere, I will not abridge or censor these writings – we need to be unflinching if we are to understand how people in early 20th century Milton thought and felt.

I invite your comments on this issue.

4 thoughts on “Sexism and Racism in the Early 20th Century Press

  • Kevin Kelly

    Brilliant, Phil! Brilliant! Generations to come will owe you a debt of gratitude for your work to save the stories, the places and the faces of generations now long gone!

    • Phil

      Thank you Kevin! I hope this will become a resource for MHS members and the community.

  • What a fantastic work you have done. Thank you, not only as a miltonian but as a history lover. What a treasure for this town this blog is. Perfect. Let me know if I can be of any help.

    • Phil

      Aurelio, thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Anything you find that may be unclear, and any comment on the esthetics of the site, particularly the Quick Tours Section, would be highly important to me!

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