Thank you to readers of Blogger on the Broadkill!

It’s been a little over a year since I started this blog for the purpose of having a place to publish my research into Milton’s past and making it available to the few individuals that might find it interesting. To my surprise and delight, a great many more people showed an interest in our town, some from as far away as Naples, Italy and Dorset, England. As of a couple of days ago, my Facebook page “likes” passed the 100 mark, and there are 60 subscribers to the blog itself. I have been contacted by many descendants of 1900’s-era Miltonians, who have provided me with photographs and recollections that I’ve incorporated into my postings.

I am greatly encouraged by all this, and will continue to look for and publish stories of Milton people and events, and will look for ways to make the narratives not just factual but fresh and entertaining as well.

A special note of thanks to the Milton Historical Society for providing me unrestricted access to and use of their collections; to Fred Pepper and Hobby Isaacs, Jr. for sharing a treasure trove of photographs and documents from their families’ past; and my sincere thanks and appreciation to all who continue to read Blogger on the Broadkill!

3 thoughts on “Thank you to readers of Blogger on the Broadkill!

  • Christine Crutsinger

    We live in northern Virginia but visit Milton regularly. We enjoy every post. Your blog brings history to life!

    • Phil Martin

      My wife and I are tax exiles from Northern VA. There’s something about a small town that I find immensely appealing!

  • Lyn Brown

    Your posts are always interesting and thoroughly researched Phil and reflect the remarkable amount of work you put into it. I never miss an episode 🙂

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