A New Look For The Blog

The blog has new look as of today; the rather wordy home page has been replaced with a much more visual presentation, focusing on the posts. There is a new item on the menu bar, ABOUT THIS BLOG, which is a short guide to what the menu bar points to. Everything else remains the same as before, and all of the content remains as it was. I welcome comments and criticism, so that I can continuously improve the user experience.

A new look for the home page

8 thoughts on “A New Look For The Blog

  • Patti Nicholson

    Hi Phil,
    The new look is fantastic! You must have been working overtime during the holidays. The new format is very attractive and professional- eye catching!

    • Phil Martin

      Thanks Patti! I actually did the makeover on the spur of the moment, this morning. It doesn’t take much if you know what you’re doing and you have the right platform. But I’m glad it caught your eye; at least one person has looked at it!

  • lyn

    I like it Phil, never hurts to refresh things a little 🙂

    • Phil Martin

      I agree – especially in the on line world. There’s always a better way to present your content, and change is yet another way to re-engage the reader.

  • Love the new format…thanks!
    I am a transplant from NJ (5 years now) and love hearing about the history of the town I love so much…Milton!
    Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing your blogs.

    • Phil Martin

      As long as you and others keep reading, I’ll keep writing! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Carol Lacey

    Wow! You really did an outstanding job on the new look! Looks amazing!

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