October 7, 1910

[Illegible] quite a crowd assembled [..] the polling place, almost equal to that of a general election. Chas. E. Darby and R. N. Ellingsworth were elected delegates to attend the Georgetown convention of Tuesday on the senatorial branch. John F. Tomlinson and Chas. E Dutton were chosen alternates. On the representative, Edw. T. Davidson and Harry Johnson were elected delegates. Fred Reed and Wm. Wagamon were chosen alternates. Alfred H. Lofland was elected committeeman. Wm. P. Rust was nominated for Assessor, John P. Smith for inspector. […] case [..] being for the winning ticket.

We have received an interesting booklet on The Significance of Agglutinating Blood During and After Typhoid Fever, written and read by George T. Welch, M. D., Passaic, N. J. at the annual meeting of the Medical Society of New Jersey, at Atlantic City, June 28, 1910. Dr. Welch is a native of Delaware being born in Milton.

George [..] of near Harbeson was badly injured while hauling gravel from the county quarry east of town. He had on about two tons, and when opposite the Mason farm the horses became frightened by an automobile. Jumping from the wagon to arrest the team, he was thrown to the ground and the wheels passed over the left leg and arm, tearing the flesh from the bones. He was brought to town and Dr. R. B. Hopkins made him as comfortable as possible.

Steamer Maggie Thomas[i], which has been engaged during the summer in running truck from New Jersey and Philadelphia and Baltimore, returned to Milton last week with […] tons of fertilizer for C. S. Conner, and has left again loaded with pine wood for Philadelphia.

Wm. Shockley fastened his horse in a stable with a chain around its neck and the next morning it was found choked to death.

The canneries were running about half time the past week. Anderson Co. closed on Friday, Goodwin Bros. & Conwell on Tuesday, The Packing Co. will probably close this week; H. E. Draper, it is understood, will continue until the 1st. Tomatoes now coming in are of inferior quality.

Truitt Pepper has been freighting lumber from Milton to the Oyster Rocks. He will build a shack to live in during the oyster season.

Miss Lottie Welch left on Friday for a visit to relatives in Wilmington and Philadelphia.

Prof. Dougerty, colored ventriloquist and worker in legerdemain, operated at the A. M. E. Church Wednesday evening to a fair sized audience.

The Goodwin Co. and the Royal Packing Co. shipped canned goods this week.

Revival service began at Reynolds M. E. Church Sunday evening.

Chas. Girden is building extensive coal sheds at his business place on the docks.

New corn is on the market at 50¢ a bushel.

Mrs. Wm. J. Maull is convalescing from an attack of typhoid fever.

Mrs. Comfort Palmer has erected a monument in the memory of her late husband and son in M. M. cemetery. A granite slab has also been placed to the memory of the late John J. Morris by his widow.

Wm. Smith and sons are painting the residence of Matt Pettyjohn near the southern town limit.

Jas. A. Betts will retire from farming the present year end and will build another residence on N. Union Street and remove therein on New Years.

Sm Stols, of Georgetown, is auctioneering off clothing, jewelry, etc. at the late Warren Store hous, Saturday evenings.

Rev. Fran Holland, who is spending several weeks at Pittman Grove convalescing from typhoid, is daid to be much improved and is expected home on the 12th inst.

The Lillian Cade W. C. T. U. and the Harbeson united in holding quite a successful Medical Temperance Meeting at Beaer Dam Church on the evening of Sept. 20th. A splendid program was rendered by everyone taking a part and doing their best. Dr. Jones of Georgetown gave an interesting address which was very […]. The county president[ii] also gave a helpful talk.

James Nailor contractor and builder of Milton is building a [..] residence for J. L. Evergam at Denton, Md.

Mrs. Marie Christine Nielson Hopkins and daughter of Dr. Robert B. Hopkins, who left Milton Mar. 1st to visit her native city, Copenhagen, Denmark, left that city on Thursday and is due to arrive in New York Oct. 10.

Joshua Grey, rural mail carrier, has purchased on Buick automobile to be used on his route.

Mrs. George R. McCready of Laurel is a guest of Dr. W. E. Douglass and wife on N. Union Street.

S. J. Wilson & Son’s new concrete block building on the corner of Front and Federal Streets Is completed and he will remove therein this week.

From what we hear and are led to believe there will much changing of residences in town the coming year.

Saturday, 24th […], a lady’s pocketbook was found on the road from Milton to Holland’s Mill. It contained a small sum of money, not enough to pay cost of advertisement. Owner can have it by calling on Edw. Maull of near town.

Miss Elsie King has been engaged as assistant teacher at the Rehoboth City School.

Foreign help at Anderson’s cannery left Saturday and the Poles at Goodwin’s cannery on Wednesday.

A new timetable went into effect on the M. D. & V. R. R. Monday. Trains going west now leave Milton at 7:30 a. m., and 1:12 p. m.; going east at 11.38 a. m. and 3. P. m. Connections made at Ellendale afternoon and night.

Oysters are now on the market at 50¢ bushel.

The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was administered at the M. E. church Sunday a. m.

Rev. Isaiah F. Lank and family left on Monday to visit at Westerly R. I.

Isaac Bailey is yet confined to his home with a complication of diseases.

Stephen Palmer is making alterations in the Waples property on Broad Street.

The Shirt and Overall factory was obliged to close on Tuesday morning for a short time on account of a leak in the boiler.

Several women have been summoned to attend court at Georgetown this week as witnesses in the case of the State vs. Lenore Statler, indicted for practicing medicine without a license.

The noted politicians of Milton and vicinity were in attendance at the Georgetown Convention today (Tuesday). Those who want offices, and they are many; those whose friends are soliciting them to get on the ticket […] of whom there are not a few. We judge there will be a gala time as the Firemen’s band of Milton has been hired for the occasion and to help make […] over the nominating. Well, it is sometimes best to have once enough […], rather than not to have it at all.

Laura F., wife of Jeremiah Passwaters, died near Oakley on Saturday of pneumonia, aged 32 years. Funeral services were held at Oakley on Monday afternoon and burial in Banning Cemetery by S. J. Wilson.


[i] This may be a proofreading error; the vessel is most likely the Marie Thomas.

[ii] Lillian Cade